Love Child

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Love Child
Love Child

Love Child

Feature Film Drama | Romance

A mother died and her Daughter decided to look for the father that she has never meet Juana

Maria, 18 year old daughter of a single mother, decides to look for the father she has never met after her mother dies in a tragic accident. She finally finds him in a nearby town, living in what appears to be a haunted old country house in the middle of a neglected banana plantation. Amidst the peculiarities and superstitions of the Dominican country side, father and daughter will have to face the ghosts of the past that haunt them both.

Kalent Zaiz plays the role of Juana in this feature film.

  • Category :Drama | Romance
  • Director : Leticia Tonos
  • Cast : Julietta Rodriguez ,Victor Checo, Gastner Legerme, Dionis Rufino, Andres Ramos, Kalent Zaiz ,Frank Perozo 
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