Kalent Zaiz

Is one of the most promising Latina actresses in Hollywood. The multi-talented actress, is a Writer, Director, Producer, Author, Designer. Photographer Journalist and Entrepreneur.

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Kalent Zaiz

Actress, Writer, Director, Author, Entrepreneur. Photographer


Actress Kalent Zaiz shot to stardom with her polemics roles in comedy and dramatic plays her native Country. becoming one of the main notables female actress in her Country.

Who Is Kalent Zaiz?
Kalent Zaiz (born March 4) Since her childhood she shows as a very smart gilr. Due to the economic situation and the emotional dyscontrol of his mother Zaiz was given for adoption on several occasions.Adopted at the age of 5 years by her godmother, who treated the girl as her servant. And by the economist Antonio Selman (Arab) and Blanca Milanez Selman. The couple did not have children of their own and give g to the girl a real loving and warm family. In the first year of Zaiz living with them, the couple decides to adopt Zaiz and give them their legal surnames Selman-Milanez to be able to register La Niña to school. But Zaiz asked them to please her to keep her parents last name, to not lose her identity. This marked the beginning of the woman we know today.

Zaiz appeared on the big screen for the first time in the (2011) Drama, Romance (Love Child). Then she sprang into the spotlight with her role Taica in TV series Contracorriente la serie. Produced for Puntos de Encuentro, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Banco Adopem. Zaiz went on to started installments of a big screen adaptation and collaborating with a multiple American films and TV Series.

Early Life

Born on March 4, 1976, in Santo Domingo, actress Kalent Zaiz comes from a diverse background. Her father is Dominican-French and her mother has Spanish and Arab roots. in her early age, Zaiz As a daughter (Adopted) of a very respected family in Dominican Republic (Selman-Milanez) Zaiz was educated in a Catholic private school, she moved around a lot while growing up, living in Her Country Dominican Republic, Centro America, before settling back in California.

Zaiz began studying acting in her early age in the primary school gettin amazing grades for her acting performances. But her life turn around when Her father (Antonio Selman) died in (April 21 of 1985) at age of 65. and her Mother Blanca Milanez Selman 65 years old, started having healthy issues. Zaiz started showing emotional depression to the point of trying to take her own life while taking poison pills; Zaiz was taken to and local hospital where was declared dead at age of 12 (1987). Her body was brutally take it for a woman call Lina; who bring her to an emergency care where she was stabilized. After that situation and with a very dramatic situation. Zaiz’s mother made the decision of send Zaiz back to her biological mother, where she had to started over her life with a very different education at age of 15. Despite the joint efforts between her and her new family, things didn’t work out well. reason way Zaiz decided roon out of her parents house and start in her own. Leaving in a hotel room while was working a model for a local Tv Tele Universo Chanel 20 in a program called Tele Universo al Dia.



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Zaiz Is more then an actress, the multifaceted woman is a very hard worker and every sense.

Zaiz Is more then an actress, the multifaceted woman is a very hard worker who do not is afraid of challenges. as she said ” I’m coming from a Country where the woman is more that a beauty, money is not a excuse to make thing happen, We make happen no matter what “. The Latin talented human is very dedicated. Here some of her skill.


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